Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

God’s Vision for Hillcrest

Providing hope to the nations through authentic life change in Christ

The moment a person trust in Christ’s death on the cross as the eternal penalty he deserves and accepts Christ’s leadership of his life, he gains both the living hope of sharing eternal life in heaven and of being remade in the image of Christ here on earth. As he pursues God’s will for his life, God changes him to become more and more like Christ in character, attitude and accomplishment.

Experiencing authentic life change compels us to:

Connect with God and others

  • With God in Worship – Worship brings the church together, connects us with Christ, and energizes us for the tasks and challenges God calls us to.
  • With Others – God’s community is lived out as we care for one another, learn from each other, and serve God and others together.

Grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord

The moment we come to faith God begins making us like Jesus. This is a cooperative process that requires becoming practitioners of Christ in our daily lives through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Serve God by serving others

God gives us a desire to serve others with our gifts, talents and financial resources. We are promised great reward for partnering with Christ to carry out His kingdom work and are used to channel His grace to others.

Share the love and message of Christ with others

Jesus has given us hope and changed our live. We desire to help lead others to experience authentic life change in Him, too.

God’s Mission for Hillcrest

Our mission is to glorify Christ as maturing believers in Christ, unified in the Spirit, so that lives are redeemed, our community is transformed, and our world is changed through the proclamation of God’s Word.