Messages by Mark Hinman

Messages by Mark Hinman

Pillars of Justice

Do the 10 Commandments Still Matter? As we continue this morning with part 4 in our summer sermon series on the life of Moses, Pastor Mark will explore why the 10 Commandments provide a crucial foundation for morality, not just for individuals, but for nations as well. Discover how these timeless principles reveal our ongoing need for a Savior in today’s message “Pillars of Justice: Why the 10 Commandments Still Matter” from Exodus 19-20.

How to “Seize the Moment” God’s Way

In Part 2 of our series on the life of Moses, Pastor Mark addresses “How to ‘Seize the Moment’ God’s Way.” Discover how Moses, through his journey from exile to leadership, teaches us timeless lessons on recognizing and seizing God’s opportunities. Have your Bibles open to Exodus 2-4.

God’s Leader for Desperate Times

Today we begin an inspiring journey through the life of Moses in our 12-part sermon series, Moses: Journey from Captivity to the Promised Land. Delve into the timeless wisdom of Moses’ leadership as we explore the lessons learned from leading the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt to the brink of the promised land. Today Pastor Mark begins in Exodus 1-2 with Part One in the series “God’s Leader for Desperate Times.”

Journeying through Grief with God

One of the most difficult times in life is dealing with the loss of a loved one. In part 3 of our Family Moments series, Pastor Mark will share practical insights from the life of Job, who tragically lost nearly everything dear to him, including most of his family. Pastor Mark has titled this message “Journeying Through Grief with God.”Journeying through Grief with God

Godly Women Are Shaping the Future

This Mother’s Day we are excited to kick off our new ‘Family Moments’ sermon series. Inspired by the life of Timothy, a young pastor from the early church, Pastor Mark will share powerful insights and encouragement in his message “Godly Women Are Shaping the Future.” Ladies, prepare to be uplifted as we explore how the Lord is using women like you to shape future generations. Gentlemen, get ready for a vital reminder of the impactful roles women play in our…

Generosity Is Genius

This morning Pastor Mark will invite us to discover the genius in giving and learn how extending generosity can lead to unexpected blessings. As we examine several passages of Scripture, we will be reminded that we serve a generous God and how he calls us to be generous. Take a few moments to ask the Holy Spirit to move in your life today as you listen to the message “Generosity is Genius.”

Beyond Today: Moving by Faith in Greater Things

These are exciting days because the Lord is calling us to move by faith into greater things at Hillcrest. Today Pastor Mark will clarify this vision as we look closely at Jesus’ promise of “greater things” in John 14 and we will have the opportunity to personally get involved. Take a few moments to prepare your heart and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you through today’s message “Beyond Today: Moving by Faith in Greater Things.”

Unlocking Peace

Many people pretend “all is well” when their lives are in turmoil. In today’s final message of the Jesus Is series, Pastor Mark will show us how Jesus brings real peace. Jesus reaches inside our lives, reconnects us to our Father and heals broken relationships so we can experience lasting peace. Today’s message is titled, “Unlocking Peace: Beyond the Closed Doors of Our Hearts”. Take a few moments to ask the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart as you…

Finding Jesus Where You Least Expect Him

Welcome to Resurrection Sunday at Hillcrest! Life is full of surprises, and Jesus’ resurrection was a complete surprise to all his followers. Today Pastor Mark Hinman will guide us through John 20 in a message titled “Finding Jesus Where You Least Expect Him,” part 13 and the concluding message in our Jesus Is… series. We will be invited on a journey to discover the risen Christ in places and moments we might not anticipate, reminding us that the echoes of…

Jesus’ Prayer for Me (and You)

Today we explore the heart of Jesus’ profound prayer for His followers as we dive into Week 11 of our “Jesus Is…” series with the message “Jesus’ Prayer for Me (and You)”. Pastor Mark will guide us into the depths of John 17 where we find the most intimate moments of Jesus’ prayer to His Father, moments before His ultimate sacrifice. In this passage Jesus doesn’t just pray for His disciples but for all believers for all time. We will…

From Pruning to Producing

Welcome to week 9 of the “Jesus Is” series! This morning, Pastor Mark delves into John 15 with the message, “From Pruning to Producing, Remaining in Jesus the True Vine”. We will discover the essential process of spiritual pruning, where every cut is a call to greater fruitfulness and deeper connection with Jesus, our true source of life and growth. We will learn the importance of “abiding in Christ” to bear abundant fruit. If you want to go further in…

Sad Funeral Turned Joyous Party

Discover how Jesus’ miraculous act of raising Lazarus from the dead turns mourning into dancing and showcases His mastery over life and death. Today’s message “Sad Funeral Turned Joyous Party” from Pastor Mark will encourage your faith affirming that with Jesus what begins in sorrow can end in joyous celebration! This is week 8 of the “Jesus Is” series and highlights the promise of eternal life, proving once again who Jesus is to all who believe. Have your Bibles open…