Messages by Mark Hinman

Messages by Mark Hinman

The News We Don’t Want to Hear

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is really good news, but only for those who realize the depth of the bad news. In part 2 of our new fall series from the book of Romans, Pastor Mark shares “The News We Don’t Want to Hear” from Romans 1:18-32.

I Am Not Ashamed

The book of Romans is a timeless masterpiece which has shaped the course of history and provided a firm foundation for our faith. Today we kick-off our fall, 9-week sermon series, “The Glory of the Gospel,” delving into pages that have inspired revolutions, transformed lives, and continue to explain the wonders of salvation in Jesus. Prepare to be challenged by this first message from Pastor Mark, “I Am Not Ashamed” from Romans 1.  

Greater Things Are Coming

It can be hard to imagine, but Jesus said his followers would do “even greater things” than he had been doing. As we think deeply about Jesus’ words from John 14, Pastor Mark will unpack the practical ways the Lord is leading Hillcrest into “Greater Things” in part 1 of a 2-part mini-series on God’s vision for Hillcrest, “Greater Things Are Coming.” Communion will be observed during today’s service. Please prepare your elements to participate from home.

Power for Tomorrow’s Victories

As summer begins to wind-down, so does our “Strong & Courageous” study of the Book of Joshua. Today Pastor Mark will help us gain renewed confidence in the Lord’s power to bring victory over every tactic of the enemy in Part 10 “Power for Tomorrow’s Victories” from Joshua 23-24.

Winning Strategies to Defeat the Enemy

We have an adversary who is fierce, cunning, and sly. Half-measures and good intentions won’t cut it if we want to experience victory in our everyday lives. As we continue our summer “Strong & Courageous” series today, Pastor Mark will highlight winning strategies from the book of Joshua in Part 7: “Winning Strategies to Defeat the Enemy.” Our service will conclude with a time of reflection and recommitment in communion.

Uncovering the Hidden Obstacles to Victory

There are few things like the thrill of winning in life! Unfortunately, the thrill of victory is often quickly replaced by the agony of defeat. As we continue our summer study of the Old Testament book of Joshua, Pastor Mark will explain how to overcome hidden obstacles preventing us from experiencing God’s victorious power in our lives. We’ll also hear about some of the exciting victories from last week’s Keepers of the Kingdom VBS.

The Surprising Strategy for Victory

We are each in a spiritual battle. The Lord has a strategy for us to win and not to live in defeat, but many Christians are not aware of God’s strategy for victory. As we continuing our study of the book of Joshua and the wonder-working power of God in the lives of the Jews, we will gain practical insight and renewed hope for our lives today! This message “The Surprising Strategy for Victory” is part 4 in our “Strong…

The Mysterious Scarlet Cord

Our new “Strong & Courageous” series continues today with a study of Joshua 2. As Pastor Mark will share, there is a “mysterious scarlet cord” woven throughout the Bible and through the lives of some people with surprisingly sordid stories. We will discover that despite past mistakes and sins, each of us can enjoy a “promised land” with Jesus here and now and for eternity!

Living Beyond Your Dreams

Just as the Jews who came out of Egypt couldn’t imagine the life of blessing God had for them in the Promised Land, many Christians today are living a life far less than Jesus died to give them. The Book of Joshua shows us how to move beyond failure, guilt and frustration and into the land of promise with Jesus that awaits us here and now! Today Pastor Mark shares part 1 of the new “Strong and Courageous” series, in…

What Is Your Family Packing

Just as it can be hard to know what to pack for a trip, many families find themselves burdened with unnecessary baggage. Fortunately, the Bible provides practical help for life’s journey! Today Pastor Mark shares from Deuteronomy 6 in the message, “Packing Light: God’s Essentials for Families”. This is part 5 of our Family Baggage sermon series.

Boundaries: Freedom from Family Baggage

Boundaries Are Good. Learn how living inside God’s boundaries can bring freedom as Pastor Mark shares part 3 in our Family Baggage series today in his message Boundaries: Freedom from Family Baggage. We’ll start in Proverbs 25:28.

How to Let Go of the Past

Every family has it: Baggage. Ways of coping, past sins of parents, and bad attitudes passed down can become a curse. However, as we begin our new 6-week “Family Baggage” sermon series, we’ll discover how to let go of our baggage so our past doesn’t determine our future! Join Pastor Mark in Hebrews 12 for part one of the series “How to Let Go of the Past.”