Messages by Mark Hinman (Page 2)

Messages by Mark Hinman (Page 2)

Hand Me Another Brick

God is building something bigger than any of us can imagine, and he calls us to build with him. In today’s message, Pastor Mark takes us back to the Old Testament book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah was a trusted member of the royal court for the king of Babylon, but God called him to return to Jerusalem and gave him a vision for rebuilding the ruins of the city. Nehemiah’s courageous leadership provides many lessons for us today as we follow…

He Came for You

While many people are important to the story of Christmas, it is Jesus’ birth we celebrate. He is at the center of it all. “He Came for You,” is Pastor Mark’s Christmas morning message for you.

The Nativity

Welcome to Christmas at Hillcrest. While many people are important in the story of Christmas, it is Jesus’ birth we celebrate. He is at the center of it all. Lift up your heart and voice to Him as we worship together as one, whether here in-person or at home online. Have a candle ready to participate in the candlelighting at the close of the service. Merry Christmas!

When God Uses Special Effects

You can’t tell the story of Jesus birth, without, talking about the many appearances of angels. As “The Characters of Christmas” series continues today, Pastor Mark will help us understand who angels are and what their unique mission was at Jesus’ birth in his message “When God Uses Special Effects,” part 4 in our Christmas series.

What’s so wonderful about this?

You may have heard, “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.” While that’s true in the long-run, does this mean that every event day-to-day is “wonderful”? To find God’s answer, Pastor Mark takes us back to Egypt at a time when the Jews lived as Pharaoh’s slaves, looking forward to a deliverer to come and lead them from captivity to freedom! This message is part 2 in our new Exodus series of messages.

That’s not fair

It’s what you said when you had to help, but your sister didn’t. It’s what you said when another employee got promoted, but you didn’t, even though you were more qualified and had been there longer. It’s what you said when everybody was passing you, but you got a ticket for speeding! You aren’t the first (or only one) to say in frustration, “That’s not fair!” Life can seem incredibly unfair. Join Pastor Mark Hinman for this introductory message in…

Lies we believe about Missions

Last year, Hillcrest gave away over 15% of all offerings to ministries and missionaries outside of our church. Why? Wouldn’t that money be best used at home? Don’t we have needs within our own church? Join Pastor Mark Hinman as he exposes 3 lies Christians often believe about missions and takes us back to the Bible so we can experience a very personal “So What” for our lives today.

Lies we believe about Jesus return

Second only to faith, the topic of Jesus’ second coming is the most-mentioned in the Bible, yet most Christians think very little about it. When we do think about, we are often quickly distracted by timelines or drawn to side-show details, missing the Scripture’s main point that Jesus is coming back! Join Pastor Mark Hinman for the message, “Lies We Believe about Jesus’ Return” as we get back to the Truth of the Bible and find renewed hope for the…

Lies We Believe about the Goverment

How are Christians supposed to handle a government they don’t always respect? What is a Christian’s responsibility to the government? Pastor Mark returns today with another message in our “Lies We Believe” summer series. Have your Bibles open to Romans 13 and prepare to your heart to be challenged from God’s Word.
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