Messages by Pastor Jeff

Messages by Pastor Jeff

Miracle Messaging

Today Pastor Jeff has a message for us about messaging, especially God’s message delivered to us through His Son. There’s no mixed messages in “Miracle Messaging.” Have your Bibles open to Hebrews 1:1-3 for “Welcome to Our World” Part 3, and be ready to lift your voice to sing about Jesus birth with us.

Messy Family

We all have relationships that are complicated. In our new series “It’s Complicated: Life Lessons from a Seriously Dysfunctional Famiily” we’ll tackle a variety of issues that families have struggled with for centuries. Today Pastor Jeff kicks off the series with the message “Messy Family” from Genesis 37:1-4 where we’ll be introduced to Joseph’s dysfunctional family and will discover practical Biblical solutions for complicated relationships. Thank you for joining us today as we honor moms on Mother’s Day.

Babies Change Things

If you’ve ever had a baby in the house, you know that babies change things. Today we continue our Christmas celebration, and Pastor Jeff explores how this miraculous birth changed things in Part 3 of A King is Born in his message “Babies Change Things” from Matthew 1:18-25.