Messages by Steve Kilburn

Messages by Steve Kilburn

The Word

“Preach the Word” the apostle Paul instructed his protégé Timothy, and we strive to do just that at Hillcrest. Today’s message comes from God’s Word and is about God’s Word. What is the Bible, and how should we best read and understand all Scripture? Have your Bibles open to 2 Timothy 3:10 – 4:5 as we prepare for Pastor Steve’s message “The Word.”

The Way to Abundant Life

With seven “I am” statements found in John’s Gospel, Jesus describes His identity. Today from John 10:1-10 we hear Him say that He is “the gate for the sheep” and the one who came that we may have life and have it to the full. Let’s lean in this morning Pastor Steve guides us in looking into God’s living and life-giving Word in his message “The Way to Abundant Life,” Part 5 of our Jesus Is…. series. Communion will be…

Grow in the Grace & Knowledge of our Lord

As we are once again about to turn the calendar to a new year, Pastor Steve leads us in considering God’s “resolution” for the high calling of our Christian lives – to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Have your Bibles open to 2 Peter 1:1-11.

Spirit vs. Flesh

Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death?” (Romans 7:24). Last Sunday we looked at the internal conflict experienced by the apostle Paul and by every one of us. The good news of the gospel is that God sets us free through Jesus Christ! Today as we turn to Romans 8 we consider how we enter into and live in that freedom every day through Pastor Steve’s message “Spirit vs. Flesh,” Part…

Good News to the Poor

As we continue this morning to focus on God’s vision for Hillcrest, we consider an emphasis found throughout the Bible: God’s heart for the poor. What does Jesus mean when He says that He brings “good news to the poor,” and how do His words give direction to our church’s ministry and mission in the time and place God has placed us? Have your Bibles open to Luke 4:14-30 for Pastor Steve’s message “Good News to the Poor.”

Thy Kingdom Come

In our current Strong & Courageous sermon series, we’re well into the Book of Joshua – and the Israelites are well into the Promised Land. It’s a good point to stop and ask again: what is God doing through this conquest? And what does it tell us about what He is doing today and what He has promised to do in the future? There’s a Story unfolding, and it’s not over yet. Turn with Pastor Steve to Joshua 11 for…

Crossing the Jordan

Our summer series on the Book of Joshua has brought us to the river’s edge. What did it mean for the Israelites to finally cross the Jordan River and enter the Promised Land? And what does this significant event from Israel’s history mean for us today? Is there a promised land waiting for us to enter? Turn to Joshua 3 for Pastor Steve’s message “Crossing the Jordan,” part 3 in our Strong and Courageous series.

Conflicts and Quarrels

Conflicts, as we know, happen in life. For good or ill, many of us have learned from our families ways of handling life’s conflicts. As we continue with Part 2 of “Family Baggage,” Pastor Steve brings the message “Conflicts and Quarrels” from James 4:1-10 to teach us what God’s word has to say on this important topic.

Fan or Follower?

A week that began with Jesus’ celebrated entry into Jerusalem ended with our Lord crucified, dead, and buried. What was that week all about, and what does it mean for us? In Pastor Steve’s message “Fan or Follower,” part 11 in our Jesus Stories with Luke series, we remember a week that is central to our Christian faith. And we come to the table in remembrance of Him whose body was broken and whose blood was shed for us. Please…

Zechariah & Elizabeth

It’s time for a fresh look at the Christmas story. Each Sunday in December we will be getting to know the characters who played a part in Jesus’ birth: Zechariah and Elizabeth, Joseph and Mary, Herod, Simeon, Anna and many more! As we do, we will break free from the familiar and discover new treasures in the story you thought you knew. Join Pastor Steve in turning to Luke 1 for part 1 in the series.


Few people have impacted the world more than Moses. Chosen by God to lead the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt, Moses was powerfully used by God. Today we explore the beginning of his life’s story in Pastor Steve’s message “Hero,” part 3 of our Exodus series. Have your Bible’s open to Exodus chapter 2.