Messages on Genesis

Messages on Genesis

Inheriting a Legacy

Facing the consequences of poor choices can leave us feeling defeated, but God can still bring blessings if we choose a better way moving forward. In week 2 of our Thanksgiving focus, our guest speaker Jason Allison challenges us from the story of Jacob in his message “Inheriting a Legacy.”

Murphy’s Law Is Not God’s Plan

Have you ever felt that you’ve been a victim of Murphy’s Law? In Part 7 of “It’s Complicated: Life Lessons from a Seriously Dysfunctional Family” Pastor Mark looks at the final episode of Joseph’s life in Genesis 44-47 & 50 in his message “Murphy’s Law Is Not God’s Plan.” Nate & Amy Kidder also provide an update on their life and ministry in Ethiopia.

How God Softens a Seared Conscience

Today as we continue to follow Joseph’s life in “it’s Complicated” Part 7, we find him on the long road to family restoration. As Pastor Mark leads us through Genesis 42-44 we’ll uncover “How God Softens a Seared Conscience.” Our missionary partner Deb Guzman also joins us with an update from her ministry in Thailand.

Moving Up Sunday

Having hope is the key to knowing that a breakthrough is coming. Pastor Mark tells us what to do when that breakthrough comes as he turns to Genesis 41 for his message “You Must Be Dreaming!” Part 6 of “It’s Complicated: Life Lessons from a Seriously Dysfunctional Family.” We’ll also recognize our high school and college graduates, and celebrate “Moving Up Sunday.”

What to Do When God Puts You on Hold

Many of us are dealing with complex family situations and stress. We trust the Lord to answer our prayers and bring healing, but what do you do while you wait for Him to move? We will gain fresh direction from God’s Word as we continue our study of Joseph and his family. In Part 5 of “It’s Complicated” Pastor Mark turns to Genesis 40 for his message “What to Do When God Puts You on Hold.”

One Messed Up Family: Finding Hope After a Family Scandal

News of another scandal comes almost every time we listen to a newscast. As we look at Genesis 38 today our attention turns to one of Joseph’s brothers whose poor choices caused chaos and pain for him and his family. Pastor Mark’s message “One Messed Up Family: Finding Hope After a Family Scandal”,” Part 4 in our It’s Complicated series, doesn’t just look back at the causes of the scandal but looks forward to the steps that bring healing and…

Our Mess, His Masterpiece: Healing from the Wounds of Abuse

Today Pastor Mark returns to our “It’s Complicated” series with “Part 3, Our Mess, His Masterpiece: Healing from the Wounds of Abuse,” a message of hope and healing as we continue our study of the life of Joseph. If you’re experienced deep family pain, today’s message is for you. Have your Bible or app open to Genesis 39.

Messy Family

We all have relationships that are complicated. In our new series “It’s Complicated: Life Lessons from a Seriously Dysfunctional Famiily” we’ll tackle a variety of issues that families have struggled with for centuries. Today Pastor Jeff kicks off the series with the message “Messy Family” from Genesis 37:1-4 where we’ll be introduced to Joseph’s dysfunctional family and will discover practical Biblical solutions for complicated relationships. Thank you for joining us today as we honor moms on Mother’s Day.

Welcome to My Messy Home

Life in today’s culture is messy…and life in the Bible was messy, too. Today Pastor Dan continues our family series “It’s Complicated” with Part 2 “Welcome to My Messy Home.” We’ll continue to learn timeless lessons from the life of Joseph as we study Genesis 37:3-36.

Forgiving My Family

Family life can be exhilarating, but family can also be exhausting. Pastor Mark begins a new series “7 Words to Change Your Family” with the message “Forgiving My Family” based in Genesis 42-45.
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