Messages by Jon Meyer

Messages by Jon Meyer

Gifted and Called

What’s Your Purpose at Hillcrest? Every part of our physical body has a purpose, and every person at Hillcrest has a purpose. Do you know where you fit in? In today’s message, Pastor Jon challenges us to think about that question in the first of two messages in our short series The High Call of Serving. Turn in your Bible to Romans 12:3-16 and get ready to uncover how you are“Gifted and Called.”


Welcome to Hillcrest! Our Characters of Christmas series comes to a close today as we encounter Simeon, a godly, old man who was overjoyed after hearing the new of the Jesus’ birth! Jon Meyer, Pastor of Family Ministry (Children) shares today’s message from Luke 2.

Mary & Joseph

If you’ve grown up attending services at Christmas, you’ve may think there’s nothing new to glean from the story of Mary and Joseph and their journey to Bethlehem. Today Pastor Jon takes a fresh look at this engaged couple who were dealing with a “crisis pregnancy” for the ages! As we do, we’ll gain encouragement for our life’s journey and how Jesus can be at the center of it all. Have your Bibles open to Luke 1 for Part 2…