Messages on Family

Messages on Family

Bring Them Up in the Way of the Lord

Today Ben Soffel, Pastor of Student & Young Adults, continues our “Family Moments” series in Part 5, “Bring Them Up in the Way of the Lord,” delving into the topic of Christian parenting. We’ll examine Ephesians 5-6 together consider some of the cultural challenges in raising kids today, and learn what it means to bring our children up “in the training and instruction of the Lord.” (Eph. 6:4)


We’re continuing this morning with Part 4 of our series on “Family Matters.” A sometimes-overlooked topic related to this theme is that of singleness – overlooked, that is, by the church, but not by Scripture. What does God’s Word tell us about being single? Pastor Steve leads a panel discussion with Patty Bennett, Michele Harms, Scott Johnson, Hunter Reiff, and Kara Erickson.

Journeying through Grief with God

One of the most difficult times in life is dealing with the loss of a loved one. In part 3 of our Family Moments series, Pastor Mark will share practical insights from the life of Job, who tragically lost nearly everything dear to him, including most of his family. Pastor Mark has titled this message “Journeying Through Grief with God.”Journeying through Grief with God

Searching for Who I Am

In these confusing times, many people struggle with even the most basic aspects of their identity. Our guest preacher, Dr. Walt Mueller, will help us find firm footing in God’s word as he leads us through several passage of Scripture in Part 2 of our Family Moments series “Searching for Who I Am.” Dr. Mueller is the founder and president of the Center for Youth/Parent Understanding.

Godly Women Are Shaping the Future

This Mother’s Day we are excited to kick off our new ‘Family Moments’ sermon series. Inspired by the life of Timothy, a young pastor from the early church, Pastor Mark will share powerful insights and encouragement in his message “Godly Women Are Shaping the Future.” Ladies, prepare to be uplifted as we explore how the Lord is using women like you to shape future generations. Gentlemen, get ready for a vital reminder of the impactful roles women play in our…

Keeping Us from the Father

While many recognize and honor their father on Father’s Day, many others struggle with the baggage left for them by absent fathers. Today Pastor Jon turns to Romans 8 in the message, “Keeping Us from the Father.” As we conclude the Family Baggage series, be encouraged and challenged from God’s Word.

What Is Your Family Packing

Just as it can be hard to know what to pack for a trip, many families find themselves burdened with unnecessary baggage. Fortunately, the Bible provides practical help for life’s journey! Today Pastor Mark shares from Deuteronomy 6 in the message, “Packing Light: God’s Essentials for Families”. This is part 5 of our Family Baggage sermon series.

From Strangers to Family

When we were all strangers, God extended His grace to welcome us as members of his family. In today’s message “From Strangers to Family,” Pastor Ben brings us encouragement to extend that same grace to others as we struggle against the pressure of living up to our culture’s idealized standard of the perfect family in Part 4 of our Family Baggage series.

Boundaries: Freedom from Family Baggage

Boundaries Are Good. Learn how living inside God’s boundaries can bring freedom as Pastor Mark shares part 3 in our Family Baggage series today in his message Boundaries: Freedom from Family Baggage. We’ll start in Proverbs 25:28.

Conflicts and Quarrels

Conflicts, as we know, happen in life. For good or ill, many of us have learned from our families ways of handling life’s conflicts. As we continue with Part 2 of “Family Baggage,” Pastor Steve brings the message “Conflicts and Quarrels” from James 4:1-10 to teach us what God’s word has to say on this important topic.

How to Let Go of the Past

Every family has it: Baggage. Ways of coping, past sins of parents, and bad attitudes passed down can become a curse. However, as we begin our new 6-week “Family Baggage” sermon series, we’ll discover how to let go of our baggage so our past doesn’t determine our future! Join Pastor Mark in Hebrews 12 for part one of the series “How to Let Go of the Past.”

Lies We Believe about the Goverment

How are Christians supposed to handle a government they don’t always respect? What is a Christian’s responsibility to the government? Pastor Mark returns today with another message in our “Lies We Believe” summer series. Have your Bibles open to Romans 13 and prepare to your heart to be challenged from God’s Word.