Messages by Dan Soderberg

Messages by Dan Soderberg

I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life

What would your parting words be? What would you want to tell your closest family and friends as you approach the end of your life? Today as we turn to John 14 we hear what Jesus said to his closest friends and wants to tell us in today’s message “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” from Pastor Dan, part 7 in the “Jesus Is…” series.

The Spotless & Infinite Became Dirty & Finite

Today begins our Christmas series Illuminate in which we will delve into the first chapter of John exploring the incarnate Word who came into our world’s darkness to bring us light and life. Pastor Dan guides us today helping us to find a deeper connection with Jesus as we invite his light into every area of our life in his message “The Spotless & Infinite Became Dirty & Finite,” from John 1:1-5.

A Fish Story

We’ve all heard of fish stories—the tales of the whopper that got away. Today in Pastor Dan’s message “A Fish Story” from Luke 5:1-11 we’ll take a closer look at how a miraculous catch changed Simon’s life, and we’ll find application to our lives today as we continue with part 3 in our series Jesus Stories with Luke.

The Shepherds

Whenever the shepherds enter the stage at children’s Christmas programs, cameras capture their cute faces and everyone listens intently as they recite their lines. But in the first century, nobody thought shepherds were cute or worth listening to. Today Pastor Dan guides us in discovering truth about these characters of Christmas in Part 3 of our series.

The LIE That Really Impacts One’s Heart

This Sunday in Part 5 of Lies We Believe, Pastor Dan takes us to the familiar parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37. Have we, like that expert in this passage, fallen into believing “The LIE That Really Impacts One’s Heart”?

Welcome to My Messy Home

Life in today’s culture is messy…and life in the Bible was messy, too. Today Pastor Dan continues our family series “It’s Complicated” with Part 2 “Welcome to My Messy Home.” We’ll continue to learn timeless lessons from the life of Joseph as we study Genesis 37:3-36.

The Ultimate Church Vision Campaign

Today we conclude our study of Matthew’s biography of Jesus with Kingdom Living Here and Now Part 14. Pastor Dan focuses on Jesus’ final words to his followers in Matthew 28:16-20 in his message “The Ultimate Church Vision Campaign.”