Messages by Jim Quattrone

Messages by Jim Quattrone

Amazing Faith

Do you know someone with amazing faith in God? Why do some have amazing faith and others do not? As Jim Quattrone shares part 7 in our “Jesus Stories with Luke” today, we will journey back to the ancient city of Capernaum for an inspiring account of amazing faith that had a miraculous result. We’ll gain new insights and encouragement for growing our faith in Jesus in the message “Amazing Faith.”

Lies We Believe about The Bible

Is what you believe about the Bible true? How do you know? This Sunday in Part 2 of “Lies We Believe” Jim Quattrone will guide us in debunking myths about the Bible as we build a firm foundation for our faith.

Trust God

Is there a fiery furnace in heating things up in your life? Our I Dare You series from the book of Daniel continues today as Jim Quattrone focuses on Daniel 3:19-30 and this week’s Daniel Dare: Trust God. We will observe communion today, so please prepare your cracker/bread and juice to participate with us from home.

Dealing with Injustice

There’s no shortage of injustice in the world today, and the same was true in the 1st century for the apostle Paul. Today Jim Quattrone leads our study from Acts 23-24 in Part 12 of our Forward series, “Dealing with Injustice.”

Personal Mission Field

This week in Forward part 4 Jim Quattrone leads us in considering our personal faith journeys as we travel with Paul on his second missionary journey. Have your Bibles open to Acts 16 in preparation for departure. Download today’s bulletin from to follow along with the message outline. A special handout “Personal Mission Field” which Jim will refer to at the end of his message is also available on the website.

What Our Stuff Is For

Today guest speaker Jim Quattrone continues Blueprint: God’s Master Plan for a Healthy Church with Part 3 “What Our Stuff Is For,” taking a close look at Paul’s instructions to his spiritual son in 1 Timothy 6 and how that teaching still applies to us today. Pastor Wayne Eppehimer will lead the observance of the Lord’s Table today, so if you wish to participate with us, please have some juice and a cracker ready.

Mission Possible

Today guest speaker Jim Quattrone continues our Unstoppable series with Part 3 taking us to Acts 2:42–4:31 with the message “Mission Possible” as we continue to study the power behind the Unstoppable early church. Sing along with us as we worship together, have a Bible or Bible app open, and download today’s bulletin from the church website as we connect with God and grow in our faith.