Messages by Guest Speaker

Messages by Guest Speaker

Caring for Your Pastor

Sharing God’s Word at Hillcrest for the first time today is Pastor Daniel Currie. Shepherding churches for over 40 years in Michigan, Pastor Currie has a heart for the ministry of the local church and is a seasoned veteran of pastoral ministry. In his message “Caring for Your Pastor” based on 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 and Hebrews 13:7, 17 he challenges us with our biblical responsibilities to our pastor.

Inheriting a Legacy

Facing the consequences of poor choices can leave us feeling defeated, but God can still bring blessings if we choose a better way moving forward. In week 2 of our Thanksgiving focus, our guest speaker Jason Allison challenges us from the story of Jacob in his message “Inheriting a Legacy.”

Sanctification & Love: Foundations for Authentic Christianity

Today we welcome Garry Ingraham, executive director of Love & Truth Network, for Part 6 of our Lies We Believe series. His message, “Sanctification & Love: Foundations for Authentic Christianity” will address lies we may believe about change. We will also celebrate communion today; please have your elements prepared to participate with us.

Put our full trust in God

Thank you for joining us for Part 8 of the I Dare You Series: No Compromise. What Limits do you place on your walk with God? Will you compromise? Today Pastor Sam Shreffler teaches us from Daniel 6 as he challenges us to “Put our full trust in God”.