Messages from September 2022

Messages from September 2022


Few people have impacted the world more than Moses. Chosen by God to lead the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt, Moses was powerfully used by God. Today we explore the beginning of his life’s story in Pastor Steve’s message “Hero,” part 3 of our Exodus series. Have your Bible’s open to Exodus chapter 2.

What’s so wonderful about this?

You may have heard, “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.” While that’s true in the long-run, does this mean that every event day-to-day is “wonderful”? To find God’s answer, Pastor Mark takes us back to Egypt at a time when the Jews lived as Pharaoh’s slaves, looking forward to a deliverer to come and lead them from captivity to freedom! This message is part 2 in our new Exodus series of messages.

That’s not fair

It’s what you said when you had to help, but your sister didn’t. It’s what you said when another employee got promoted, but you didn’t, even though you were more qualified and had been there longer. It’s what you said when everybody was passing you, but you got a ticket for speeding! You aren’t the first (or only one) to say in frustration, “That’s not fair!” Life can seem incredibly unfair. Join Pastor Mark Hinman for this introductory message in…