Messages from January 2023

Messages from January 2023

A Fish Story

We’ve all heard of fish stories—the tales of the whopper that got away. Today in Pastor Dan’s message “A Fish Story” from Luke 5:1-11 we’ll take a closer look at how a miraculous catch changed Simon’s life, and we’ll find application to our lives today as we continue with part 3 in our series Jesus Stories with Luke.

How to Reject Rejection

Have ever been rejected by a friend or family member? Few things in life cut more deeply than rejection. Jesus faced rejection from some of the most unlikely people in his hometown! In part 2 of our series, Jesus Stories from Luke, Pastor Mark shares share how we can learn valuable lessons from Jesus’ experience on how to handle rejection in our lives today in his message “How to Reject Rejection” from Luke 4:14-44.

Are You Really Ready?

In Part 1 of Jesus Stories with Luke we explore the story of John the Baptist, a man whose mission was simply to prepare people for Jesus. How about you? Are you ready for what Jesus wants to do in your life? (Luke 3:1-22)

Hand Me Another Brick

God is building something bigger than any of us can imagine, and he calls us to build with him. In today’s message, Pastor Mark takes us back to the Old Testament book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah was a trusted member of the royal court for the king of Babylon, but God called him to return to Jerusalem and gave him a vision for rebuilding the ruins of the city. Nehemiah’s courageous leadership provides many lessons for us today as we follow…


Welcome to Hillcrest! Our Characters of Christmas series comes to a close today as we encounter Simeon, a godly, old man who was overjoyed after hearing the new of the Jesus’ birth! Jon Meyer, Pastor of Family Ministry (Children) shares today’s message from Luke 2.