Messages from April 2023

Messages from April 2023

Gifted and Called

What’s Your Purpose at Hillcrest? Every part of our physical body has a purpose, and every person at Hillcrest has a purpose. Do you know where you fit in? In today’s message, Pastor Jon challenges us to think about that question in the first of two messages in our short series The High Call of Serving. Turn in your Bible to Romans 12:3-16 and get ready to uncover how you are“Gifted and Called.”

Get Ready to Move

God is always on the move, doing big things near and far! As Pastor Mark shares the final message, part 13, in the “Jesus Stories with Luke” series today, we will hear Jesus’ call to join Him in His work. Have your Bibles open to Luke 24:36-53 and “Get Ready to Move.”

Caring for Your Pastor

Sharing God’s Word at Hillcrest for the first time today is Pastor Daniel Currie. Shepherding churches for over 40 years in Michigan, Pastor Currie has a heart for the ministry of the local church and is a seasoned veteran of pastoral ministry. In his message “Caring for Your Pastor” based on 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 and Hebrews 13:7, 17 he challenges us with our biblical responsibilities to our pastor.

When You See Jesus

He is risen! Today we celebrate the miracle that changes everything! Because Jesus rose from the dead, we who have trusted in Him have hope for this life and for eternity. Our worship this morning includes joyous music, prayer, scripture, and Pastor Mark’s message “When You See Jesus,” Part 12 in our series, Jesus Stories with Luke.

Fan or Follower?

A week that began with Jesus’ celebrated entry into Jerusalem ended with our Lord crucified, dead, and buried. What was that week all about, and what does it mean for us? In Pastor Steve’s message “Fan or Follower,” part 11 in our Jesus Stories with Luke series, we remember a week that is central to our Christian faith. And we come to the table in remembrance of Him whose body was broken and whose blood was shed for us. Please…