Messages from June 2023

Messages from June 2023

Living Beyond Your Dreams

Just as the Jews who came out of Egypt couldn’t imagine the life of blessing God had for them in the Promised Land, many Christians today are living a life far less than Jesus died to give them. The Book of Joshua shows us how to move beyond failure, guilt and frustration and into the land of promise with Jesus that awaits us here and now! Today Pastor Mark shares part 1 of the new “Strong and Courageous” series, in…

I Dare You to Speak Truth

Today Ben Soffel leads us through a study of Daniel 5 for this week’s Daniel Dare: Speak Truth in part 7 of the I Dare You series. We’ll learn from Daniel’s example as he faced another challenge in living a godly life as an exile in a pagan country. We’ll also celebrate with the Soffel’s as they dedicate their son Micah (11 am) and as we present Ben with his License for Ministry.

Keeping Us from the Father

While many recognize and honor their father on Father’s Day, many others struggle with the baggage left for them by absent fathers. Today Pastor Jon turns to Romans 8 in the message, “Keeping Us from the Father.” As we conclude the Family Baggage series, be encouraged and challenged from God’s Word.

What Is Your Family Packing

Just as it can be hard to know what to pack for a trip, many families find themselves burdened with unnecessary baggage. Fortunately, the Bible provides practical help for life’s journey! Today Pastor Mark shares from Deuteronomy 6 in the message, “Packing Light: God’s Essentials for Families”. This is part 5 of our Family Baggage sermon series.

From Strangers to Family

When we were all strangers, God extended His grace to welcome us as members of his family. In today’s message “From Strangers to Family,” Pastor Ben brings us encouragement to extend that same grace to others as we struggle against the pressure of living up to our culture’s idealized standard of the perfect family in Part 4 of our Family Baggage series.