Messages from September 2023

Messages from September 2023

The News We Don’t Want to Hear

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is really good news, but only for those who realize the depth of the bad news. In part 2 of our new fall series from the book of Romans, Pastor Mark shares “The News We Don’t Want to Hear” from Romans 1:18-32.

I Am Not Ashamed

The book of Romans is a timeless masterpiece which has shaped the course of history and provided a firm foundation for our faith. Today we kick-off our fall, 9-week sermon series, “The Glory of the Gospel,” delving into pages that have inspired revolutions, transformed lives, and continue to explain the wonders of salvation in Jesus. Prepare to be challenged by this first message from Pastor Mark, “I Am Not Ashamed” from Romans 1.  

Good News to the Poor

As we continue this morning to focus on God’s vision for Hillcrest, we consider an emphasis found throughout the Bible: God’s heart for the poor. What does Jesus mean when He says that He brings “good news to the poor,” and how do His words give direction to our church’s ministry and mission in the time and place God has placed us? Have your Bibles open to Luke 4:14-30 for Pastor Steve’s message “Good News to the Poor.”

Greater Things Are Coming

It can be hard to imagine, but Jesus said his followers would do “even greater things” than he had been doing. As we think deeply about Jesus’ words from John 14, Pastor Mark will unpack the practical ways the Lord is leading Hillcrest into “Greater Things” in part 1 of a 2-part mini-series on God’s vision for Hillcrest, “Greater Things Are Coming.” Communion will be observed during today’s service. Please prepare your elements to participate from home.