Messages from January 2024

Messages from January 2024

The Light of the World

There’s no denying that the current state of our world is often dark. Yet, we know that “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it (John 1:5).” In the midst of a dark world, we need light. Today we continue with Part 4 of our “Jesus Is…” series with Pastor Ben exploring the meaning of Jesus’ second “I Am” statement: “I am the light of the world” from John 8:12-20.

Real Food for Real Christians

In a world inundated with spiritual ‘junk food’ – fleeting pleasures, shallow teaching, and empty promises – it’s crucial to distinguish what truly sustains us from what merely gives the illusion of satisfaction. Just as our bodies thrive on real, wholesome food, our souls require genuine nourishment. Today, Pastor Mark explores the first of Jesus’ bold declarations, “I am the bread of life” in his message “Real Food for Real Christians.” This message is part 3 in our “Jesus Is…”…

Can You Follow the Signs?

Get ready for Pastor Mark’s thought-provoking message titled “Can You Follow the Signs?” as we explore the miraculous signs Jesus performed in John 2-6, part 2 in our Jesus Is… series.  Each miracle serves as a powerful signpost directing us towards a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and His mission in our world. Let’s look beyond the surface of these well-known miracles and discover the profound truths they reveal about Jesus. Take a few moments to ask the Holy…

Responding to the Call

Today we launch an exciting new series, “Jesus Is…”, with Pastor Mark’s first message, “Responding to the Call”. Over the coming three months, we will embark on a journey to know Jesus. Each Sunday morning, we’ll delve into the Gospel of John, uncovering the layers of His identity and teachings. This series isn’t just about learning; it’s about understanding how the life and message of Jesus can transform our everyday lives in the here and now. Join us as we…