Messages from February 2024

Messages from February 2024

Sad Funeral Turned Joyous Party

Discover how Jesus’ miraculous act of raising Lazarus from the dead turns mourning into dancing and showcases His mastery over life and death. Today’s message “Sad Funeral Turned Joyous Party” from Pastor Mark will encourage your faith affirming that with Jesus what begins in sorrow can end in joyous celebration! This is week 8 of the “Jesus Is” series and highlights the promise of eternal life, proving once again who Jesus is to all who believe. Have your Bibles open…

I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life

What would your parting words be? What would you want to tell your closest family and friends as you approach the end of your life? Today as we turn to John 14 we hear what Jesus said to his closest friends and wants to tell us in today’s message “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” from Pastor Dan, part 7 in the “Jesus Is…” series.

The Flock You Want to Join

While many leaders seem to be focused on themselves, Jesus is the Good Shepherd who gives everything for his sheep. As Pastor Mark continues our study of John’s Gospel today, we will be reminded that Jesus knows our weaknesses, insecurities and sin yet he invites us to know him and experience his personal, shepherding care. Today’s message “The Flock You Want to Join” is part 6 in the “Jesus Is…” series.

The Way to Abundant Life

With seven “I am” statements found in John’s Gospel, Jesus describes His identity. Today from John 10:1-10 we hear Him say that He is “the gate for the sheep” and the one who came that we may have life and have it to the full. Let’s lean in this morning Pastor Steve guides us in looking into God’s living and life-giving Word in his message “The Way to Abundant Life,” Part 5 of our Jesus Is…. series. Communion will be…