Messages from March 2024

Messages from March 2024

Finding Jesus Where You Least Expect Him

Welcome to Resurrection Sunday at Hillcrest! Life is full of surprises, and Jesus’ resurrection was a complete surprise to all his followers. Today Pastor Mark Hinman will guide us through John 20 in a message titled “Finding Jesus Where You Least Expect Him,” part 13 and the concluding message in our Jesus Is… series. We will be invited on a journey to discover the risen Christ in places and moments we might not anticipate, reminding us that the echoes of…

Hosanna: The One Who Saves

Today in week 12 of our Jesus is… series, we’ll delve into the concluding events leading to Jesus’ death. Our message “Hosanna: The One Who Saves” will be guided by Pastor Ben as we examine John 18-19. Join us in reflecting on how Jesus illuminates God’s character through the culmination of His earthly ministry.

Jesus’ Prayer for Me (and You)

Today we explore the heart of Jesus’ profound prayer for His followers as we dive into Week 11 of our “Jesus Is…” series with the message “Jesus’ Prayer for Me (and You)”. Pastor Mark will guide us into the depths of John 17 where we find the most intimate moments of Jesus’ prayer to His Father, moments before His ultimate sacrifice. In this passage Jesus doesn’t just pray for His disciples but for all believers for all time. We will…

Why The Spirit

Most of us have at least a basic understanding of who God the Father is and who Jesus is, but what about the Holy Spirit? In part 9 of our Jesus Is… series, Pastor Jon takes us to John 16 where Jesus introduces his disciples, and us, to the Holy Spirit. Take a moment to prepare to discover something new about the Spirit’s place and importance in our lives.

From Pruning to Producing

Welcome to week 9 of the “Jesus Is” series! This morning, Pastor Mark delves into John 15 with the message, “From Pruning to Producing, Remaining in Jesus the True Vine”. We will discover the essential process of spiritual pruning, where every cut is a call to greater fruitfulness and deeper connection with Jesus, our true source of life and growth. We will learn the importance of “abiding in Christ” to bear abundant fruit. If you want to go further in…