Messages from April 2024

Messages from April 2024

The Word

“Preach the Word” the apostle Paul instructed his protégé Timothy, and we strive to do just that at Hillcrest. Today’s message comes from God’s Word and is about God’s Word. What is the Bible, and how should we best read and understand all Scripture? Have your Bibles open to 2 Timothy 3:10 – 4:5 as we prepare for Pastor Steve’s message “The Word.”

Generosity Is Genius

This morning Pastor Mark will invite us to discover the genius in giving and learn how extending generosity can lead to unexpected blessings. As we examine several passages of Scripture, we will be reminded that we serve a generous God and how he calls us to be generous. Take a few moments to ask the Holy Spirit to move in your life today as you listen to the message “Generosity is Genius.”

Beyond Today: Moving by Faith in Greater Things

These are exciting days because the Lord is calling us to move by faith into greater things at Hillcrest. Today Pastor Mark will clarify this vision as we look closely at Jesus’ promise of “greater things” in John 14 and we will have the opportunity to personally get involved. Take a few moments to prepare your heart and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you through today’s message “Beyond Today: Moving by Faith in Greater Things.”

Unlocking Peace

Many people pretend “all is well” when their lives are in turmoil. In today’s final message of the Jesus Is series, Pastor Mark will show us how Jesus brings real peace. Jesus reaches inside our lives, reconnects us to our Father and heals broken relationships so we can experience lasting peace. Today’s message is titled, “Unlocking Peace: Beyond the Closed Doors of Our Hearts”. Take a few moments to ask the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart as you…