Messages from May 2024

Messages from May 2024

Journeying through Grief with God

One of the most difficult times in life is dealing with the loss of a loved one. In part 3 of our Family Moments series, Pastor Mark will share practical insights from the life of Job, who tragically lost nearly everything dear to him, including most of his family. Pastor Mark has titled this message “Journeying Through Grief with God.”Journeying through Grief with God

Searching for Who I Am

In these confusing times, many people struggle with even the most basic aspects of their identity. Our guest preacher, Dr. Walt Mueller, will help us find firm footing in God’s word as he leads us through several passage of Scripture in Part 2 of our Family Moments series “Searching for Who I Am.” Dr. Mueller is the founder and president of the Center for Youth/Parent Understanding.

Godly Women Are Shaping the Future

This Mother’s Day we are excited to kick off our new ‘Family Moments’ sermon series. Inspired by the life of Timothy, a young pastor from the early church, Pastor Mark will share powerful insights and encouragement in his message “Godly Women Are Shaping the Future.” Ladies, prepare to be uplifted as we explore how the Lord is using women like you to shape future generations. Gentlemen, get ready for a vital reminder of the impactful roles women play in our…

Remembering: Focus on Communion

In his final days on earth Jesus reinterpreted the meaning of the Passover meal and instructed his followers to “Do this in remembrance of me.” (Luke 22:19) This morning Pastor Paul Osborn leads us in an extended time of reflecting on and responding to Jesus’ command to observe the Lord’s Supper in his message “Remembering.”