Messages on 1 Timothy

Messages on 1 Timothy

The Church is The World’s Greatest Hope

The church is the world’s greatest hope, but we need to follow God’s Blueprint for the church to providing the hope that the world needs. Today Pastor Mark takes us to 1 Timothy 3: 12-16 in Part 6 of our Blueprint series. View or download today’s bulletin, including a sermon outline, at, and have your Bibles ready.

Who’s REALLY in Charge

Continuing the series Blueprint: God’s Design for His Church, we turn to 1 Timothy 3 today for Part 4 “Who’s REALLY in Charge.” Pastor Mark helps us understand the Bible’s guidelines for church leadership, and, of course, answering the question “So What?” with application to every person in the Hillcrest family.

What Our Stuff Is For

Today guest speaker Jim Quattrone continues Blueprint: God’s Master Plan for a Healthy Church with Part 3 “What Our Stuff Is For,” taking a close look at Paul’s instructions to his spiritual son in 1 Timothy 6 and how that teaching still applies to us today. Pastor Wayne Eppehimer will lead the observance of the Lord’s Table today, so if you wish to participate with us, please have some juice and a cracker ready.

Before You Do Anything, Do This

We would probably all agree that prayer is important in the life of the church, yet prayer often gets pushed aside or passed by quickly. This week as Pastor Mark takes us to 1 Timothy 2 we’ll hear practical instruction for how to put prayer first the message “Before You Do Anything, Do This,” Part 2 in our Blueprint series.

Holding to the Gospel Truth

Many churches face power struggles and confusion because they fail to embrace God’s design for church leadership. Today we launch “Blueprint,” an 8-week series that will help us understand more of the Master Architect’s plan for Hillcrest based on Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus. Pastor Mark begins with Part 1 “Holding to the Gospel Truth” from 1 Timothy 1.