Messages on Daniel

Messages on Daniel

I Dare You to Speak Truth

Today Ben Soffel leads us through a study of Daniel 5 for this week’s Daniel Dare: Speak Truth in part 7 of the I Dare You series. We’ll learn from Daniel’s example as he faced another challenge in living a godly life as an exile in a pagan country. We’ll also celebrate with the Soffel’s as they dedicate their son Micah (11 am) and as we present Ben with his License for Ministry.

Put our full trust in God

Thank you for joining us for Part 8 of the I Dare You Series: No Compromise. What Limits do you place on your walk with God? Will you compromise? Today Pastor Sam Shreffler teaches us from Daniel 6 as he challenges us to “Put our full trust in God”.

I Dare You to Submit

Have your Bibles open to Daniel 4 for Pastor Mark’s message in our “I Dare You” series. In Part 6 “I Dare You to Submit” both Daniel and King Nebuchadnezzar are confronted with a terrifying message from God. How does Daniel respond? How does the King respond? How should we respond?

Trust God

Is there a fiery furnace in heating things up in your life? Our I Dare You series from the book of Daniel continues today as Jim Quattrone focuses on Daniel 3:19-30 and this week’s Daniel Dare: Trust God. We will observe communion today, so please prepare your cracker/bread and juice to participate with us from home.

Why do Strong Believers Face Opposition?

Today’s challenge in Part 4 of our “I Dare You” series in Daniel is to Stand Up. We’ll turn to Daniel 3:1-23, and Pastor Mark will guide us in answering the question: Why do strong believers face opposition?

I Dare You to Speak Up

How do you respond in a crisis? Last week we saw Daniel “Step Up;” this week in part 3 of our I Dare You series, we learn from the Daniel’s example as he speaks to the king in Pastor Mark’s message “I Dare You to Speak Up.”

Step Up!

This week we continue to examine Daniel’s example of how to face challenges and follow Christ in a culture whose values and priorities are often in opposition to God’s Word. Today Pastor Mark turns to Daniel 2 and dares us to “Step Up!” in Part 2 of our I Dare You series.

Be Different

Originally found in Africa, chameleons are fascinating little lizards with the amazing ability to change colors and hide in their habitat. Unfortunately, many Christians like chameleons are trying to blend-in and adopting the values and priorities of the world around us. God didn’t call us to be chameleons but to be followers of Christ! Today we begin “I Dare You”, a new series from the Old Testament book of Daniel. Trafficked as a teenager to live in a foreign, pagan…

Moving Forward When Life Says, “Back Up“

Have your Bibles open to Acts 13 and be ready for Part 2 of Forward in a New Year. Pastor Mark will help us follow Paul as begins his missionary travels and guides us in finding practical application for our own lives in “Moving Forward When Life Says, “Back Up!”

Forward: Encouragement for Life from the Journeys of Paul

We return to the book of Acts today beginning a new series “Forward: Encouragement for Life from the Journeys of Paul.” Pastor Mark’s message “How to Move Forward with Confidence” provides practical instruction for the start of a new year. We will observe communion today, so please have some juice and a cracker ready. Today’s bulletin can be viewed or downloaded from the church webpage.