Messages on Luke

Messages on Luke

Good News to the Poor

As we continue this morning to focus on God’s vision for Hillcrest, we consider an emphasis found throughout the Bible: God’s heart for the poor. What does Jesus mean when He says that He brings “good news to the poor,” and how do His words give direction to our church’s ministry and mission in the time and place God has placed us? Have your Bibles open to Luke 4:14-30 for Pastor Steve’s message “Good News to the Poor.”

Get Ready to Move

God is always on the move, doing big things near and far! As Pastor Mark shares the final message, part 13, in the “Jesus Stories with Luke” series today, we will hear Jesus’ call to join Him in His work. Have your Bibles open to Luke 24:36-53 and “Get Ready to Move.”

When You See Jesus

He is risen! Today we celebrate the miracle that changes everything! Because Jesus rose from the dead, we who have trusted in Him have hope for this life and for eternity. Our worship this morning includes joyous music, prayer, scripture, and Pastor Mark’s message “When You See Jesus,” Part 12 in our series, Jesus Stories with Luke.

Fan or Follower?

A week that began with Jesus’ celebrated entry into Jerusalem ended with our Lord crucified, dead, and buried. What was that week all about, and what does it mean for us? In Pastor Steve’s message “Fan or Follower,” part 11 in our Jesus Stories with Luke series, we remember a week that is central to our Christian faith. And we come to the table in remembrance of Him whose body was broken and whose blood was shed for us. Please…

How Today Determines Your Tomorrow

Will your investments pay off? Jesus made it clear that what we do in the here and now dramatically affects our future life in His eternal kingdom. As Pastor Mark shares part 10 in our “Jesus Stories with Luke” series, we will gain valuable investing tips from Jesus’ famous “Parable of the 10 Servants” in today’s message “How Today Determines Your Tomorrow” from Luke 19.

Come, The Banquet Is Ready

In Luke 14, Jesus tells the Parable of the Great Banquet. The table is set and the party is ready to go, but will the invited guests accept their invitations? In his message “Come, The Banquet Is Ready!” Pastor Ben explores Jesus’s reason for telling this parable and helps us consider our place in the story in part 9 of our series, “Jesus Stories with Luke.”

Jesus Is for Everybody

The United States has the largest Christian population in the world, but did Jesus just come for Americans? If not, then why don’t more people in nations like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan follow Jesus? In his message “Jesus Is for Everybody” Pastor Mark will explore Jesus’ answer to these questions (and more) in part 8 of our series, Jesus Stories with Luke.

Amazing Faith

Do you know someone with amazing faith in God? Why do some have amazing faith and others do not? As Jim Quattrone shares part 7 in our “Jesus Stories with Luke” today, we will journey back to the ancient city of Capernaum for an inspiring account of amazing faith that had a miraculous result. We’ll gain new insights and encouragement for growing our faith in Jesus in the message “Amazing Faith.”

Jesus Said to Do WHAT?

Jesus attracted crowds of people with his captivating teaching and healing ministry, but those who became His followers did more than listen. They did something many were unwilling to do–become like Him in attitude in action. In today’s message “Jesus Said to Do WHAT?, Pastor Mark guides us in studying Luke 6:27-49, part 6 in our Jesus Stories with Luke series.

You Were Made to Rest

Exhaustion is epidemic; everybody is tired. But why? Do we just need some more pills, maybe a little yoga or a new mattress? Could it be we have forgotten the rhythm for work and rest that God hardwired into our bodies? As Pastor Mark continues with part 5 of our Jesus Stories with Luke series, we will explore Jesus’ revolutionary, life-giving teaching in a message titled “You Were Made to Rest.”

Dr. Jesus Will See You Now

Many Christians struggle to understand why God seems to heal everybody else but them. As Pastor Mark continues our “Jesus Stories with Luke” in part 4 we will gain new understanding of God’s ways and His plans to release His power into our lives in “Dr. Jesus Will See You Now” based on Luke 4:38-44, 5:12-26.

A Fish Story

We’ve all heard of fish stories—the tales of the whopper that got away. Today in Pastor Dan’s message “A Fish Story” from Luke 5:1-11 we’ll take a closer look at how a miraculous catch changed Simon’s life, and we’ll find application to our lives today as we continue with part 3 in our series Jesus Stories with Luke.