Messages on Matthew

Messages on Matthew

Remembering: Focus on Communion

In his final days on earth Jesus reinterpreted the meaning of the Passover meal and instructed his followers to “Do this in remembrance of me.” (Luke 22:19) This morning Pastor Paul Osborn leads us in an extended time of reflecting on and responding to Jesus’ command to observe the Lord’s Supper in his message “Remembering.”

The Ultimate Church Vision Campaign

Today we conclude our study of Matthew’s biography of Jesus with Kingdom Living Here and Now Part 14. Pastor Dan focuses on Jesus’ final words to his followers in Matthew 28:16-20 in his message “The Ultimate Church Vision Campaign.”

Beyond the Wildest Dreams

He is Risen! Jesus’ resurrection was “Beyond the Wildest Dreams” of his followers, his friends, and his enemies. Today as we take a closer look at the first Easter morning recorded in Matthew 28, Pastor Mark leads us to discover the power the resurrection still provides for us today in Kingdom Living Here and Now Part 13.

Kingdom Living Pt. 12

Who killed Jesus? There are many suspects but only one correct verdict. Today on Palm Sunday Pastor Mark investigates the evidence in Matthew 27 and leads us to uncover the truth in Kingdom Living Here and Now Part 12.

How the Mighty Fall

Are you winning or losing in the battle of life? Today as we study Matthew 26, Pastor Mark provides practical instruction on how to fight the enemy and get back on our feet after a defeat in Kingdom Living Here and Now Part 12 “How the Mighty Fall.”

Don’t Miss These Signs

Some signs can be confusing, but the signs of Jesus’ coming are clear. Today in Kingdom Living Here and Now Part 10 Pastor Mark leads us through Mathew 24 in his message “Don’t Miss These Signs.”

When God Cleans House, he will ask us his most important question “So What?

When is Cleaning Day at your house? In Matthew 21 we find Jesus entering the temple and cleaning house, but that’s only part of the story. As Pastor Mark explores this chapter in Part 9 of Kingdom Living Here and Now: When God Cleans House, he will ask us his most important question “So What?” challenging us with a very personal application of this event.

Be Childlike, Not Childish

This Sunday Pastor Mark guides us through Matthew 18 with a detailed look at how Jesus confronted childish behavior as we continue to learn what Kingdom Living Here and Now really means in Part 8 “Be Childlike, Not Childish.”

Kingdom Living Principles

Have your Bibles open to Matthew 16 for Part 7 of Kingdom Living Here and Now. Pastor Jeff will walk us through Jesus’ interactions with religious leaders who opposed him and with his close followers as we learn “Kingdom Living Principles” that Jesus teaches.

The Disciples’ Do’s and Don’ts

Thank you for joining us on Valentine’s Day as we celebrate love for our Savior in our worship. Pastor Jeff continues the series Kingdom Living Here and Now with a challenge for us to follow Jesus’ example in Matthew 9:35–10:23 in Part 6 “The Disciples’ Do’s and Don’ts.”

Our Weakness is God’s Power Play

Today we shift our focus from Jesus’ words in the Sermon on the Mount to Jesus’ overwhelming displays of power as we study Matthew 8-9:35. In Kingdom Living Here and Now Part 5 we learn that “Our Weakness is God’s Power Play”. We will observe communion during today’s service; please prepare your elements—juice and a cracker or piece of bread—to participate.

Upside Down Kingdom

While COVID has changed many aspects of daily living, Kingdom Living turns life completely upside down. Pastor Mark continues our walk through the book of Matthew as we look at more of Jesus’ life-changing words in Kingdom Living Here and Now Part 4: “Upside Down Kingdom” from Matthew 6:19–7:29.
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