Messages on Psalms

Messages on Psalms

Thanksgiving Service 2022

If God “owns the cattle on a thousand hills” (Ps. 50:10) and created the universe (Gen. 1:1), what can we possibly give him that he doesn’t already have? The answer is found is Psalm 100, which is outline of today’s Thanksgiving Worship Service. Prepare your heart to join our pastors, musicians and other leaders in Thanks-giving to God today!

Got Trouble? Get Faith!

Welcome to A Summer in Psalms at Hillcrest. In today’s message “Got Trouble? Get Faith!”, Pastor Jeff leads us through Psalm 46 with teaching from God’s word on how to deal with the troubles that life throws at us.

No Fear

We all have fears, but Psalm 27 shows us how to defeat our fears. Summer in the Psalms continues today with Pastor Mark’s message “No Fear”, part 6 in our series.

Your God Is Too Small

Today we focus on Psalm 93, Part 5 of our Summer in the Psalms series. Pastor Mark challenges us with the message “Your God Is Too Small.”

Dealing with Depression

Welcome to A Summer in Psalms at Hillcrest. In today’s message “Dealing with Depression” Pastor Mark explores God’s word in Psalms 42-43 and how He can restore our hope and joy!

Being Firmly Rooted

Today Pastor Dan instructs us on “Being Firmly Rooted” from Psalm One, part 4 in our Summer in the Psalms series.

Staying Connected

Pastor Jeff continues Summer in the Psalms with instructions from Psalm 51 on “Staying Connected” in our relationship with God.

Simplify Sunday

A Summer in Psalms continues as Pastor Mark challenges us to “Simplify Sunday” as we study Psalm 92 together.

Fly Higher

Pastor Mark begins our new series Summer in the Psalms with the message “Fly Higher” from Psalm 34.