Few people have impacted the world more than Moses. Chosen by God to lead the people of Israel out slavery in Egypt, Moses was powerfully used by God. This fall we will be studying Exodus chapter 1 to 15 and discovering how we too can leave our captivity to sinful life patterns to find new freedom!

Every Slave Needs a Savior

There’s a definite disconnect for many Christians: We know Jesus came to free us from our bondage to bad habits & dead-end ways of living, but many of us aren’t experiencing that. As Pastor Mark shares “Every Slave Needs a Savior,” Part 9 in our Exodus series, we will find practical help from the life of Moses to reconnect us to living each day in true freedom! Have your Bibles open to Exodus 13-15.

Free and Ready

When God sent the tenth and final plague to Egypt, only one thing mattered and that one thing foreshadowed is what still matters today. This morning we welcome Jon Meyer back to the pulpit to open God’s word to Exodus 12 for week 8 of our Exodus series “Free and Ready.” We also welcome Jon as the newest member of our pastoral staff serving us part-time as Associate Pastor of Family Ministry for Children.

By This You Will Know that I Am the LORD

God made himself known to the ancient Hebrews and Egyptians in a vivid and striking way through plagues of blood, frogs, insects, boils, and death. We can still know God and understand His holiness, justice, and power as we recount what must have been a terrifying time as God prepared the way from captivity to freedom for His people. Have your Bibles open to Exodus 7-11 for Pastor Ben’s message “By This You Will Know that I Am the LORD,”…

Following the Unexpected Road to Freedom

Today we welcome Denver Bierman to Hillcrest. Known for his band Denver and the Mile High Orchestra, he is partnering with our choir and worship band to praise and worship the Lord as we enjoy a morning of various styles of music. Pastor Mark continues our series in Exodus with Part 6: Following the Unexpected Road to Freedom.

How Are You Answering God’s Call?

God is calling. Do you hear him call you out of your past mistakes and sin, calling you to move forward in freedom, calling you to help others move forward, too. In part 5 of our Exodus message series, Pastor Mark will reveal that many of us are like Moses, answering God’s call with excuses why we can’t answer in today’s message “How Are You Answering God’s Call?”

Ultimate Confidence Booster

Why do so many of us remain trapped in unhealthy, sinful patterns of living when Jesus promised his followers freedom?  Could it be we lack the confidence to follow Jesus by faith?  If so, today’s message from Exodus 3 will help us get what Pastor Mark has called the “Ultimate Confidence Booster” to help move us from captivity to freedom!


Few people have impacted the world more than Moses. Chosen by God to lead the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt, Moses was powerfully used by God. Today we explore the beginning of his life’s story in Pastor Steve’s message “Hero,” part 3 of our Exodus series. Have your Bible’s open to Exodus chapter 2.

What’s So Wonderful About This?

Down through the ages, believers have wondered why following the Lord doesn’t automatically guarantee smooth roads and green pastures. As we begin our study of Exodus: Leaving Captivity to Find Freedom, we will gain new insights and strong encouragement from the experience of the ancient Israelites in Egypt in today’s message from Pastor Mark “What’s So Wonderful About This?” We’ll also get an update from two of our ministry partner couples.

That’s not fair

It’s what you said when you had to help, but your sister didn’t. It’s what you said when another employee got promoted, but you didn’t, even though you were more qualified and had been there longer. It’s what you said when everybody was passing you, but you got a ticket for speeding! You aren’t the first (or only one) to say in frustration, “That’s not fair!” Life can seem incredibly unfair. Join Pastor Mark Hinman for this introductory message in…