Moving Forward Through the Darkness

This week we’ll turn to Acts 18-19 continuing to follow Paul’s missionary journeys in Forward Part 7. Pastor Mark unpacks Paul’s example of “Moving Forward Through the Darkness” drawing practical application from the apostle’s life.

To be Continued… Through You

Hosanna! Welcome to Palm Sunday worship at Hillcrest. Today we complete our study of the Book of Acts with Part 15 in our Forward series. Pastor Mark will lead us in completing this study of Paul’s travels while challenging us to continue moving forward as we follow his example.

When Storms Come

When the weather forecasters tell us that a big storm is heading our way, we know how to prepare; but the storms of life often come without warning and can leave us feeling beaten down and discouraged. Today Jon Meyer takes us to Acts 27 in Week 14 of our Forward series where we’ll learn from Paul’s life how to stay anchored “When Storms Come.” We will observe communion following the message.

When Everyone Says, ‘You’re Crazy!’

We continue to follow Paul and find encouragement for life as we turn to Acts 25-26 in week 13 of our Forward series. In today’s message from Pastor Mark, “When Everyone Says, ‘You’re Crazy!’” we’ll discover important truths about the consequences and results of following Jesus.

Dealing with Injustice

There’s no shortage of injustice in the world today, and the same was true in the 1st century for the apostle Paul. Today Jim Quattrone leads our study from Acts 23-24 in Part 12 of our Forward series, “Dealing with Injustice.”

What Do You Do with Confusing Signs?

Today we turn to Acts 21 and travel with Paul as he returns to Jerusalem at the end of his third missionary journey. In part 10 of our Forward series Pastor Mark helps us answer the question that Paul faced– “What Do You Do with Confusing Signs?” We will observe the communion today; please have your bread and juice prepared to participate with us online.

Experiencing God in Uncertain Times

Questions about how to move forward when uncertainty looms are nothing new. In today’s message, part 9 in our Forward series, Pastor Mark takes us to Acts 20 where we’ll gain insight for “Experiencing God in Uncertain Times” from the apostle Paul. Today’s bulletin which includes a sermon outline can be downloaded from the church website at

Just Follow the Money, Honey

This week we travel with Paul to the ancient city of Ephesus turning to Acts 19 for Part 8 of our Forward series. As Pastor Mark leads us in today’s study, we’ll discover that the influence of money was present in the ancient world just as it is today in “Just Follow the Money, Honey.”

Detour Ahead

Driving down the highway in an unfamiliar place and seeing a “Detour Ahead” sign, usually resulted in groans as we look ahead to a delayed arrival and possible changes in our plans. Today we’ll look at what happened to the apostle Paul when his plans were completely re-routed following his return to Jerusalem. Pastor Mark takes us to Acts 21 for “God is Even Present on Our Detours” in Part 11 of our Forward series.

Encouraged to Move Forward

Are you feeling discouraged, rejected, stuck, lonely, rejected? Find encouragement from the apostle Paul as Jon Meyer takes us to Acts 16 with his message “Encouraged to Move Forward,” Part 6 in our Forward series. Communion will be observed during the service today, so please have your elements prepared to join in this special time of remembrance and worship.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

With all the misinformation that gets reported as news or fact, we can become cynical and begin to wonder how we can know if anything is true. Pastor Mark has titled today’s message “Don’t Believe Everything You Hear,” Part 5 of our Forward series. Have your Bibles open to Acts 17. An outline is in today’s bulletin which can be downloaded from the church webpage.

Personal Mission Field

This week in Forward part 4 Jim Quattrone leads us in considering our personal faith journeys as we travel with Paul on his second missionary journey. Have your Bibles open to Acts 16 in preparation for departure. Download today’s bulletin from to follow along with the message outline. A special handout “Personal Mission Field” which Jim will refer to at the end of his message is also available on the website.
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