Hillcrest Vision

Hillcrest Vision

Beyond Today: Moving by Faith in Greater Things

These are exciting days because the Lord is calling us to move by faith into greater things at Hillcrest. Today Pastor Mark will clarify this vision as we look closely at Jesus’ promise of “greater things” in John 14 and we will have the opportunity to personally get involved. Take a few moments to prepare your heart and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you through today’s message “Beyond Today: Moving by Faith in Greater Things.”

Good News to the Poor

As we continue this morning to focus on God’s vision for Hillcrest, we consider an emphasis found throughout the Bible: God’s heart for the poor. What does Jesus mean when He says that He brings “good news to the poor,” and how do His words give direction to our church’s ministry and mission in the time and place God has placed us? Have your Bibles open to Luke 4:14-30 for Pastor Steve’s message “Good News to the Poor.”

Hand Me Another Brick

God is building something bigger than any of us can imagine, and he calls us to build with him. In today’s message, Pastor Mark takes us back to the Old Testament book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah was a trusted member of the royal court for the king of Babylon, but God called him to return to Jerusalem and gave him a vision for rebuilding the ruins of the city. Nehemiah’s courageous leadership provides many lessons for us today as we follow…