Illuminate, Christmas 2023

Illuminate, Christmas 2023

How to See God

We were born with a desire to love, know and see God. As Pastor Mark concludes our “Illuminate” Christmas series with Part 5 this morning, we return to John 1 to behold the wonderful news that God has come near in this message “How to See God.” Today we celebrate the miracle birth of the God-Man, Jesus, who came so we could experience God in his fulness.


Jesus’ birth brought light to a dark world over 2000 years ago, and His light continues to illuminate darkness today. This morning Pastor Jon guides us in discovering what Jesus’ light revealed and how we can reflect His light to others. Have your Bibles open to John 1:14-18 for today’s message “BAM!” part 4 in our Christmas Illuminate series.

Reactions to the True Light

Jesus’ birth was met with many reactions. A few people welcomed Him, but most ignored his arrival or saw it as a personal threat. In week 3 of our “Illuminate” Christmas series, Pastor Mark will help us explore our own reactions to Jesus in his message “Reactions to the True Light,” and we will be challenged to fully embrace him as our Savior. As you prepare for worship, take a few moments to read John 1:1-13 and ask the Holy…

Can I Get a Witness?

Just as a star witness can decide a court case, followers of Jesus are called to testify to the light he brings to our lives. Our “Illuminate” Christmas series continues today with Pastor Mark’s message, “Can I Get a Witness?” Turning again to John 1, we will examine the powerful testimony of a man named John and hear a challenge for testifying to others about the Light Jesus can bring into their lives.

The Spotless & Infinite Became Dirty & Finite

Today begins our Christmas series Illuminate in which we will delve into the first chapter of John exploring the incarnate Word who came into our world’s darkness to bring us light and life. Pastor Dan guides us today helping us to find a deeper connection with Jesus as we invite his light into every area of our life in his message “The Spotless & Infinite Became Dirty & Finite,” from John 1:1-5.