Strong & Courageous

Strong & Courageous

Power for Tomorrow’s Victories

As summer begins to wind-down, so does our “Strong & Courageous” study of the Book of Joshua. Today Pastor Mark will help us gain renewed confidence in the Lord’s power to bring victory over every tactic of the enemy in Part 10 “Power for Tomorrow’s Victories” from Joshua 23-24.

Living in the Fullness of God

The Promised Land has been conquered, and Joshua is tasked with distributing the land to the Israelite people. After years of wandering and fighting, this land of promise is theirs, …but are they ready to take it? And will they remember the One who gave it to them? Pastor Ben will take us to Joshua 17-18 to explore the topics of discontentment and complacency in his message “Living in the Fullness of God, Part 9 in our Strong & Courageous…

Thy Kingdom Come

In our current Strong & Courageous sermon series, we’re well into the Book of Joshua – and the Israelites are well into the Promised Land. It’s a good point to stop and ask again: what is God doing through this conquest? And what does it tell us about what He is doing today and what He has promised to do in the future? There’s a Story unfolding, and it’s not over yet. Turn with Pastor Steve to Joshua 11 for…

Winning Strategies to Defeat the Enemy

We have an adversary who is fierce, cunning, and sly. Half-measures and good intentions won’t cut it if we want to experience victory in our everyday lives. As we continue our summer “Strong & Courageous” series today, Pastor Mark will highlight winning strategies from the book of Joshua in Part 7: “Winning Strategies to Defeat the Enemy.” Our service will conclude with a time of reflection and recommitment in communion.

Back on Track

Coming back from loss, embarrassment, or disappointment can be an uphill climb, but God hasn’t left us alone and wants to create something beautiful from our messy lives. As we turn to Joshua 8 with Pastor Jon today, we’ll learn how we can get “Back on Track” and move forward again in Part 6 of our Strong and Courageous summer series.

Uncovering the Hidden Obstacles to Victory

There are few things like the thrill of winning in life! Unfortunately, the thrill of victory is often quickly replaced by the agony of defeat. As we continue our summer study of the Old Testament book of Joshua, Pastor Mark will explain how to overcome hidden obstacles preventing us from experiencing God’s victorious power in our lives. We’ll also hear about some of the exciting victories from last week’s Keepers of the Kingdom VBS.

The Surprising Strategy for Victory

We are each in a spiritual battle. The Lord has a strategy for us to win and not to live in defeat, but many Christians are not aware of God’s strategy for victory. As we continuing our study of the book of Joshua and the wonder-working power of God in the lives of the Jews, we will gain practical insight and renewed hope for our lives today! This message “The Surprising Strategy for Victory” is part 4 in our “Strong…

Crossing the Jordan

Our summer series on the Book of Joshua has brought us to the river’s edge. What did it mean for the Israelites to finally cross the Jordan River and enter the Promised Land? And what does this significant event from Israel’s history mean for us today? Is there a promised land waiting for us to enter? Turn to Joshua 3 for Pastor Steve’s message “Crossing the Jordan,” part 3 in our Strong and Courageous series.

The Mysterious Scarlet Cord

Our new “Strong & Courageous” series continues today with a study of Joshua 2. As Pastor Mark will share, there is a “mysterious scarlet cord” woven throughout the Bible and through the lives of some people with surprisingly sordid stories. We will discover that despite past mistakes and sins, each of us can enjoy a “promised land” with Jesus here and now and for eternity!

Living Beyond Your Dreams

Just as the Jews who came out of Egypt couldn’t imagine the life of blessing God had for them in the Promised Land, many Christians today are living a life far less than Jesus died to give them. The Book of Joshua shows us how to move beyond failure, guilt and frustration and into the land of promise with Jesus that awaits us here and now! Today Pastor Mark shares part 1 of the new “Strong and Courageous” series, in…