The Servant King

The Servant King

Finding Hope When All Hope is Lost

Join us to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. Today Pastor Mark concludes the Servant King series with the message “Finding Hope When All Hope Is Lost” from Mark 16.

The King Who Suffers

Today Pastor Jeff brings the message “The King Who Suffers” from Mark 14:43–15:45, part 14 in the Servant King series.

Be Careful How You Hear

We continue our study of the Gospel of Mark today as Family Pastor Jeff Johnson gives us another practical message in our series, “The Servant King”. You can prepare by reading Mark 4:1-34.

The Problems with Popularity

Many childhood celebrities cannot handle their popularity. Even successful adults can let their achievements go to their heads. Today’s message from Mark’s gospel will expose the potential pitfalls with popularity and explain how to keep the main thing the main thing. This is part 4 in our series, “The Servant King”. Take a few moments to pray and ask the Lord to speak to your heart today.

Through the Roof

What would you be willing to do to see a family member or friend come to know Jesus? The gospel of Mark records some drastic actions some friends took to bring a sick man to Jesus. We will be challenged to extend our outreach as we continue “The Servant King” series this morning. Take a few moments and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart!