Experiencing Supernatural Calm in Crisis, Chaos, and Calamity

t only takes a casual glance at the news or social media to know that there is an abundance of crisis, chaos, and calamity in the world today. Act 12 reveals that the early church faced similar circumstances. Today Pastor Mark concludes our Unstoppable series with practical Biblical instruction on how to experience supernatural calm in the midst of it all with Part 9: Experiencing Supernatural Calm in Crisis, Chaos, and Calamity.

The Early Church

As we continue our study of the Unstoppable movement of God in the book of Acts, today in part 8, guest speaker Jon Meyer takes us to chapter 10 to examine a pivotal moment in church history with lessons that still impact our lives and world today. Pastor Jeff will lead us in observing communion.

You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me?

The history of the early church took a very unexpected turn recorded in Acts 9, and many believers had to be thinking “You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me?” which is Pastor Mark’s title today in Part 7 of Unstoppable. We’ll study the shocking conversion of Saul and, of course, as the most important question “So What?” to apply these historical events to our lives today.

Will You Seize Your Opportunity?

What opportunities has God put in your path? In Part 6 of Unstoppable, we turn to Acts 8 where we discover how Philip responds to an amazing opportunity, and Pastor Mark asks “Will You Seize Your Opportunity?”

How Do You Handle the Heat?

Today Pastor Mark challenges us with the question “How Do You Handle the Heat?” in Part 5 of Unstoppable, this week looking at the early church’s response to persecution recorded in Acts 5. Have your Bible or Bible app open to follow along.

Unstoppable Churches

Have your Bibles open to Acts 4:32–5:11 today as we continue our Unstoppable series. Today Pastor Jeff brings part 4 “Unstoppable Churches” and we’ll learn what is behind the success of Unstoppable Churches. As is our tradition on the 1st Sunday of each month, we will observe communion.

Mission Possible

Today guest speaker Jim Quattrone continues our Unstoppable series with Part 3 taking us to Acts 2:42–4:31 with the message “Mission Possible” as we continue to study the power behind the Unstoppable early church. Sing along with us as we worship together, have a Bible or Bible app open, and download today’s bulletin from the church website as we connect with God and grow in our faith.

Are You Experiencing the Spirit’s Fullness?

Today in Acts 2 we’ll witness the powerful arrival of the Holy Spirit whose presence continues to dramatically reshape lives today. Pastor Mark challenges us to think about “Are You Experiencing the Spirit’s Fullness?” in week 2 of “Unstoppable.” We’ll also get an update from our missions partner Brian Lusky.

We Are on an Ongoing Unstoppable Mission

Today we launch the new sermon series, “Unstoppable.” As we immerse ourselves in a chapter-by-chapter study of the book of Acts, we’ll bee reminded that, like the mighty wave of the oceans, the Gospel continues to dramatically reshape lives by the power of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Mark begins in Acts 1 with the message “We Are on an Ongoing Unstoppable Mission.” We will also observe communion following Pastor Mark’s message. If you’re worshiping with us online, please have a…