Messages from October 2023

Messages from October 2023

Every Christians Chronic Conflict

The Bible reveals “we have been given everything we need for life and godliness”. (2 Peter 1:3) If this is true, why is it that so many Christians continue to struggle with old patterns of thinking and living? As we continue our study of Paul’s letter to the Romans, Pastor Mark will help us get to the root of the problem and prepare us for what may be a surprising solution! Today’s message is titled, “Every Christian’s Chronic Conflict,” part…

When Death Becomes Life

Today we continue with Part 6 in our series “The Glory of the Gospel” as Pastor Ben teaches from Romans 6. In this passage the Apostle Paul interrupts his explanation of the Gospel to address two practical questions of faith. Today’s message “When Death Becomes Life” will help us understand what it means to truly live in new life and freedom in Christ.

The Love You Need

Today we continue to with our series, “The Glory of the Gospel” as Pastor Mark teaches from Romans 5. He explains, “The wounds caused by love withheld by parents, spouses or others close to us can be deep. This leaves many people starving for love.” This morning’s message “The Love You Need” will help us to find the love that our soul craves as we draw near to the Jesus, the one who loved us enough to die for us.

You Didn’t Earn It

We’re all used to a paycheck reflecting the work we provide for our employer or clients, but God’s economy runs completely contrary to the familiar work-reward system. Today Pastor Jon brings us good news about God’s economy from Romans 4 in his message “You Didn’t Earn It,” Part 4 in our series from Paul’s letter to the Romans.

You’ve Been Summoned to God’s Courtroom

Every day people appear in courtrooms across the country to face charges ranging from traffic violations to serious crimes. In part 3 of our fall study of the Book of Romans, Pastor Mark explains that “many people try to ignore the fact that we will all appear one day before the final Judge.” He asks, “Are we ready?” Today’s message is titled, “You’ve Been Summoned to God’s Courtroom”. Communion will be observed during today’s service.